Pediatric Dentist in Fayetteville, NC

First tooth :)It is important to take your children to a pediatric dentist as early as when they are one year old. There are several dental issues that affect children and taking your child to be examined by a pediatric dentist helps in preventing some problems while rectifying those already present as early as possible.

Some of the dental problems that affect children include:
• Tooth decay/Cavities
• Gum diseases
• Injuries to the teeth and jaws as a result of accidents
• Misalignment
• Abnormal and delayed tooth eruptions

Children's decayed tooth image.Tooth decay is the most common problem among kids of all ages including infants. Tooth decay if not diagnosed and treated in time it is bound to cause your child pain which can be quite intense at times. Without the intervention of a pediatric dentist, the pain that the child experiences as a result of cavities can interfere with their ability to eat and play and generally make them feel miserable. Visiting a pediatric dentist periodically will help identify cavities early on before the situation gets worse.

Girl brushing her teeth.There are several causes of tooth decay and a pediatric dentist will advise you on what is causing your child’s cavities and what steps to take to reduce the cavities. A pediatric dentist will also offer you advise on the best foods for the development of your child’s teeth and which ones to avoid. He or she teaches your child on the best way of taking care of their teeth for example by brushing properly after meals and avoiding snacks in between the meals.

In addition, routine cleaning and fluoride treatments during your child’s visits to the dentist help your child maintain strong healthy teeth. The dentist might also suggest that your child get dental sealants to protect the back teeth from cavities. The biting surface of the back teeth is particularly prone to the development of cavities because of the grooves present in their structure.

In pediatric dentistry the dentist is trained on how to deal with children. Unlike adult dentistry, pediatric dentistry requires patience when dealing with children and an ability to make them feel comfortable and relax. For example children will generally be apprehensive when going for a dental checkup, a good pediatric dentist is able to put the child at ease and make the session as pleasant as possible. To be able to do this, pediatric dentistry includes some training on how to deal with children. They have appropriate movies for children to watch as the examination takes place, offer gifts like free toothbrushes or stickers to the kids after the appointment and other gifts to make the children as comfortable during their visit as possible. A pediatric dentist’s office has child-friendly staff that creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to help the child relax before they get into the dentist’s office.

Here are several pediatric dentists in Fayetteville, NC:

  • Dr. Daniel Ravel. Pediatric dentist, Fayetteville, NC
    1031 Weiss Ave.
    Fayetteville, NC
    Phone: (910) 486-4180
  • Douglass Family Dentistry
    101 Wall Street
    Fayetteville, NC
    (910) 323-8254
  • Village Family Dental
    2029 Valleygate Dr.
    Fayetteville, NCPhone: (910) 764-6840


Girl taking regular pediatric dental examination in Fayetteville's dentistry.Taking your child for periodic teeth examination will help the dentist arrest dental problems before they advance. Familiarity with the dentist will also encourage your child to speak up on any dental problems they experience in future and increase their willingness to go for dental checkups. At the same time your child will receive valuable information about dental health which will leave them with improved dental hygiene and fewer dental problems.